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DEIMS-SDR - user feeback on data models and structure

DEIMS-SDRMetadata on different levels are important to enable the discovery and reuse of resources. DEIMS-SDR (Dynamic Ecological Information Management System - Site and dataset registry) contributes to this task. It is a web-based catalogue that allows you to discover long-term ecosystem research sites around the globe, along with the data gathered at those sites and the people and networks associated with them. DEIMS-SDR describes a wide range of sites, providing a wealth of information, including each site’s location, ecosystems, facilities, parameters measured and research themes. It is also possible to access a growing number of datasets and data products associated with the sites. All sites and dataset records can be referenced using unique identifiers that are generated by DEIMS-SDR. It is possible to search for sites via keywords, predefined filters or a map search. By including accurate, up to date information in DEIMS, site managers benefit from greater visibility for their LTER site, LTSER platform and datasets, which can help attract funding to support site investments. DEIMS-SDR aims to provide a comprehensive catalogue on relevant resources from long term ecosystem monitoring (including protected areas) and provides its information to catalogues like the eLTER DIP, GEOSS or DataOne. More information on DEIMS-SDR can be found at https://deims.org/about.

Dear user,

the adaptation to user needs and changing requirements for information collection is an important aspect in the life cycle of DEIMS-SDR. With the migration of DEIMS-SDR to a new system architecture the underlying data models are being evaluated. This survey is an important step in this workflow by collecting user expectations and feedback on the information and data collected. The results will be fed into the development of the data model for research sites, data products, datasets and sensors.

For the survey no personal information (e.g. IP adress) will be stored. For statistical purposes some questions about your background are asked but the provision of this information is voluntary.

We ask you for about 20 minutes of your precious time. 

Many thanks in advance,

The DEIMS Development Team

There are 74 questions in this survey.


Thanks for your interest in contributing to the DEIMS-SDR Data model and structure survey

We want to improve DEIMS-SDR and need your feedback on the structure and content of the metadata models implemented in DEIMS-SDR. This is why we collect your estimation on the importance and relevance of different information types describing research sites, data products, datasets and sensors.

In addition to your opinions we collected some basic information on your background (e.g. main field of expertise, main research focus of your work) which does not contain any personal information. All additional background information is voluntary and will only be used for statistical purposes on aggregated from. Neither cookies, nor IP tracking is used or enabled. Google Analytics is disabled.

We securely store this additional background data for 6 month. Data on your assessment of the metadata fields (without the additional background data) will be stored offline. 

We respect your trust and protect your privacy, and therefore will not sell or share this data with any third parties. The data will only be used to assess the importance of metadata fields providing input to the metadata model discussion.

By contributing to the survey you agree an will process your data as defined above.

if you have any questions to the survey or the data collected please contact the head to the eLTER Information Management Team Johannes Peterseil via johannes.peterseil@umweltbundesamt.at