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eLTER PLUS Data Availability

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As you may already know, an important part of the eLTER PLUS project is to improve the key infrastructure services of the LTER networks over the coming years. A key objective of this project is to use existing LTER data to address topical scientific research challenges, for example the impact of drought on ecosystem resilience. We aim for a unique holistic approach addressing the research questions in eight case studies focusing on biodiversity, biogeochemical, hydrological and socio-ecological stressors using the diverse resources of the evolving eLTER RI.


Welcome on board! 

With your site, you are part of the eLTER PLUS project.

To deliver our objectives, we would like to use existing data from your LTER site. Your data will be used to demonstrate to what extent the existing data-rich LTER sites (like yours) can already address our research challenges. The outcome will be scientific and data publications, with you as co-authors, thereby increasing the visibility of your site both individually and as part of the network. Your site is part of the best documented LTER sites and should therefore be used in these case studies where a “whole system approach” is key. Referring to the statement of Jaana Bäck and Michael Mirtl: “the importance of LTER Site and LTSER Platform coordinators as the bedrock on which the foundations of a successful and sustainable distributed Research Infrastructure lies” (recent letter from the coordinators), we warmly invite you to participate.
For the purpose of a targeted data collection, we invite you to complete the questionnaire, which should not take more than 20-30 minutes. The questionnaire aims to collect information on data availability building on information already provided in DEIMS-SDR. This will provide us with the essential information and availability of data needed for the next phase and communicate with you the means of data access. With your consent we will - as a service - also use the information provided to update site information on DEIMS-SDR.
Data gathered in the next phase will be held in a secure internal staging area and used for scientific analyses in the eLTER PLUS research challenges. In addition, we will evaluate options to generate common data products and foster data publications making data from your site both citable and referenceable in impact metrics. Data will only be made public from eLTER with your consent. 
For the survey no personal information (e.g. IP address) will be stored. Contact details will only be used internally for the process of data collection.


Many thanks in advance,

Ute Skiba (WP8), Thomas Dirnböck (WP9), Johannes Peterseil (WP10)

& the eLTER PLUS Team

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871128.

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Thanks for your interest in contributing to the eLTER PLUS Data Availability survey

For the implementation of the tasks in eLTER PLUS we need your input on the data availability. This is why we collect in additional informations to what was already provided in DEIMS-SDR information.

In addition to your information we collected some basic information on your background (e.g. main field of expertise, main research focus of your work) which does not contain any personal information. All additional background information is voluntary and will only be used for statistical purposes on aggregated from. Neither cookies, nor IP tracking is used or enabled. Google Analytics is disabled.

We securely store this additional background data for 6 month. Data on your assessment of the metadata fields (without the additional background data) will be stored offline. 

We respect your trust and protect your privacy, and therefore will not sell or share this data with any third parties. The data will only be used to assess the importance of metadata fields providing input to the metadata model discussion.

By contributing to the survey you agree an will process your data as defined above.

if you have any questions to the survey or the data collected please contact Johannes Peterseil  (eLTER PLUS, johannes.peterseil@umweltbundesamt.at